High Intensity Interval TrainingIf you really want to feel better about yourself the best thing to do is start working out. Exercise can really do wonders for one self-esteem image and overall health. Exercise is extremely important in the best ways to do your strength training or cardiovascular workouts is to use high intensity interval training. I intensity interval training is a type of exercise that makes you work at very intense rates for short periods of time.


The reason high intensity interval training is so great, in our opinion [and were not health experts or doctors at all], is because it increases your metabolism to appoint where your burning fat long after you finish working out.


That’s right you workout now, and get the benefits for almost 24 hours after you stop working out. So if you do a high intensity interval training workout every single day, your body is basically burning fat nonstop. I don’t know if that makes sense medically, I’m not a doctor, but it sure as hell make sense to me.


Venus FactorSo the next time I choose a workout I’m going to make sure it’s a hit workout. High intensity interval training DVDs have been around for quite a while. There a lot of great options online which don’t actually require a disk, that you can download. The best high intensity interval training DVD workouts are the ones that last about half an hour and get your whole body moving. That way you’re not only doing strength training, and cardio together but you’re burning massive fat as well.


Working out is a great way to increase endorphins and serotonin in your body. This release actually makes you feel better after you workout. Even though working out can be grueling and really tiring and tough to do, afterwards you always feel great. That’s why you should work out every single day.


If you’re interested in learning more of a high intensity interval training I definitely suggest checking out the best hit workout DVDs available to you online. His a lot of options, but not everyone is created equal. If you really looking for a great workout do your research and do some due diligence on different workout DVD reviews.